Your annual service plan covers everything you need for your stove on a yearly basis

1. Chimney and flue

Your chimney and flue system will be fully swept and cleaned from within the room and at the appliance to allow full cleanse from baffle plate to cowl. Your chimney will be inspected for any damage or repairs that may be needed. We will ensure that your stove is burning at its top level of efficiency keeping your home safe. At no point will our engineer be permitted to access the chimney stack/pot or access the roof to inspect damage or problems caused by an appliance. Again no part of the chimney or flue system will be covered by this service plan. Our engineer can only provide feedback or advice on what plan of action is required to have your stove fully functional again and what area needs improving or fixed.

2. Glass

Your stove is not just a heating appliance. For most people it is the focal point of their room. Clean and healthy glass is a must for any fire. We understand just how easy it is to break or damage as most stoves burn all year round. That’s why we include one complimentary replacement of stove glass within your year of cover if broken.

That’s right: we will replace it absolutely free for any emergencies, cracks or breakages that may occur.

Not covered

Crazed glass is not covered as this is a result of over firing the appliance.

Crazed glass is the effect and result of over firing your stove. This is what happens when the fire has been excessively fuelled and operated at a higher output than recommended by it manufacturer.

This process causes a fraying of the glass from within and small lines appear across the glass but have not cracked or broken the glass. In severe cases the glass may be forced to crack from the fray but again this will not be covered in the service plan. Your engineer on site will advise on how the glass has clearly been reduced to cracking from over firing.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage at the premises of a customer and shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any items or equipment arising directly or indirectly from the stove whilst being serviced or awaiting service or repair.

Stove components – no fixed or working parts of any kind in your stove will be covered by this plan.

Repair and replacement of parts is not covered in your service plan but we work hand in hand with Phillips Heating NI and can order anything you require for your appliance and can install the same correctly for your convenience.

3. Cleaning & Maintenance

Included in your service we will clean out the fire pit in your stove and inspect its internal chamber. We will advise on any parts that may need attention or replacing and help your stove burn at maximum efficiency at all times. All rope seals will be replaced if needed and seals/glues supplied at no extra cost. A qualified engineer will advise of any parts that your stove may require either internal or external and provide either the correct procedure for fixing/replacing or prohibiting use without replacement of certain parts.

4. Cover commence

There will be a 14 day period from time of policy confirmation until the first claim is allowed to be processed. This is a mandatory process time and no claim will be considered before the 14 days have elapsed

5. Cooling off

Customers can cancel any confirmed policy within 14 days of taking out the policy and full payment will be refunded. All policies after this date are legally binding for the year of cover and no repayments or transfers are allowed.

6. Business Open House

The time to process a claim will be between the business hours of 9a.m. – 5p.m. Monday – Friday in the working week. No calls will be answered outside of these times. You will have the option to leave a message/voicemail to book work or report issues but these will be returned and dealt with during normal working hours.

7. How to make a claim

All claims must be processed by StoveTech NI Ltd. These can be booked directly by calling xxx

8. Rules regarding stove glass covered by service plan

Only certain types of stove glass will be covered in this specific plan. Your engineer will confirm at the time of policy confirmation if your particular brand of stove will have the glass covered. This will be determined by stove type, glass dimensions, any curves or abnormalities and the size of the glass may be no larger than xxx. A stove is not inherently faulty and in its present condition is capable of reliable operation. If we consider the stove does not comply with these conditions the agreement is null and void

9. What exactly is covered by your plan

Your service plan will cover:

Glass as stated in the above details only

Restrictions and exclusions apply

10. Customer responsibilities

We must ask that all appliances MUST be out of use and fully cooled down before we will engage maintenance.

11. Method of payment

Payment shall be payable to the engineer at the time of service or by prior arrangement with Stovetech NI Ltd.

This agreement applies only to the stove as detailed in the warranty registration documents.